Aesthetic + Athletic Treatments

Dr. Beretta offers the below aesthetic and athletic treatments to his patients. If you have any questions about the procedures or want to schedule and appointment with Dr. Beretta, please call our office at (205) 685-5357.


  • Spider veins and age spots removal

  • Tattoo removal

  • Laser hair removal

  • Improves skin tone and texture


  • Great for reducing the appearance of worry lines, frown lines, laugh lines, crow's feet and other dynamic wrinkles

  • Can also be used to treat chronic migraines


  • An HA dermal filler that is used to fill and smooth out lips and any other area of the face that needs a little volume

ReNu - Stem Cells

  • Has natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit a variety of conditions

  • Provides patients with unique healing of OA or other injuries while reducing joint pain, scarring, and inflammation of and around the site of pain

  • Used to treat osteoarthritic pain and other orthopedic conditions and sports injuries

    • Osteoarthritic: knees, hips, ankles, hands/wrists

    • Sports Injuries: partial rotator cuff tear, bursitis. epicondylitis